Rosemary & Steve International Meditation Teachers

Mike and Helge Sansom

During Steve & Rosemary's time teaching in Thailand, they devoted a great deal of time and effort to giving specialized training to their assistant teachers, managers and long time volunteers.

The seasonal work retreats for volunteer assistants lasted three to four months, and all assistants would participate in at least one nine day retreat during each season. In this way, they gained valuable experience of the meditation practice, both in silent retreat conditions and also in integrating their practice into everyday life.

Mike (b. 1970) did his first retreat with Steve & Rosemary in 1994. He returned to do his first Work Retreat in 1995. He later became the manager of the large group of volunteer assistants helping Rosemary & Steve run retreats smoothly.

Helge (b. 1968) did her first retreat with Steve & Rosemary in 1999. Very soon afterward, she joined the Work Retreat program and later became an assistant manager. Mike & Helge were the only assistants who worked closely with Rosemary & Steve for over 20 seasons.

As both Helge & Mike's understanding of the teachings deepened, Steve & Rosemary saw their potential to assist with teaching. Mike & Helge began helping with interviews, and were given much specialized training in this area. Later, they led retreats at Wat Kow Tahm when Rosemary & Steve were overseas.

Helge & Mike's dedicated service was greatly appreciated by Steve & Rosemary, all the assistants and participants in the retreats up until Rosemary & Steve taught their last retreat at Wat Kow Tahm in March 2013.

After leaving Wat Kow Tahm, Helge & Mike returned to Germany where they had worked in the past. Despite having demanding jobs, Mike (English teacher) and Helge (Nurse on a psychosomatic ward) continue teaching one or two day retreats, as they have done in Berlin, Munich, the Netherlands and Bangkok. They also teach 8-10 week meditation courses for employees at the hospital in Esslingen where they live.

Mike & Helge's teaching schedule:

One Day Retreats, Weekend Retreats and Evening Talks

Naarden, Netherlands
31 March, 2019, 10 am - 5.30 pm. Talks and guided meditations are in English, for beginners and experienced meditators. Extra teachings will also be offered for people who have done one or more retreats with Steve and Rosemary. Private interviews are available and can be in German or English. For more information please contact: Helge or Mike.

8-week course with Helge & Mike

12.9.18 - 07.11.18
every Wednesday at 18.00 - 19.00 pm
course language: German
Klinikum, Esslingen
For more information please contact: Helge or Mike.

Should you wish further information about Helge & Mike, you may contact them directly, email: Mike or Helge.

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