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Since 1988, Rosemary & Steve have taught over 8,000 people from 85 countries. Here's a selection of the many glowing comments from their students.

There is no way that I can possibly convey to you how much this retreat changed my life.
Regan, USA
Thank you so much for the way you've helped me develop a more compassionate attitude.
Christian, Denmark
In only a few short days I have understood more about myself than I saw while looking for many years (in the wrong direction!).
Gerard, Australia
I did 2 retreats in February and March last year which were just incredible, I cannot describe how good I have felt since then and how much they have made me think about and question so many things.
Erica, United Kingdom
You have given so much of yourselves for the sake of teaching Dhamma. I credit most of the good circumstances in my life now to what you have taught me and what I experienced during your retreats.
Karla, USA
I have constantly visited your retreats since 2001 in Wat Kow Tham and Germany. I was always glad to receive direction, strength, energy, clearness and of course compassion & loving kindness. Especially your sense of humor, dear Steve, is a gift from heaven!
Oliver, Germany
The experience here was an absolute blessing. It was my first experiential understanding of Buddhism. Before I only had books to learn, now my view is wiser and I have a more beautiful sensibility in approaching the world after just 10 days here. Thank you
Lukas, USA
No words can express my thankfulness for the gift of the teachings and this course was a big gift. Thank you so much.
Assaf, Israel
Thank you again for everything, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't walked up that hill [Wat Kow Tahm] 12 years ago and discovered that there is a way out of dukkha through compassionate understanding.
Kerensa, Great Britian
This has been one of the most profound and special experiences of my life. I will always remember you.
Liana, Ireland
I was very lost and going down a bad road a few weeks ago, this retreat has had a deeply profound positive effect on my life.
Kenneth, South Africa
I would like to thank you for all you have done and are still doing, for all the inspiration you share with others. Personally my own life changed after starting practicing Dhamma and meeting you.
Radomir, Czech
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have provided here for me to learn and practice. I have learnt so much in these last ten days. After years of meditation practice I have at last learnt how to open up to Compassion - Compassion for myself as well as others. The techniques I have learned to develop wisdom I will also be able to integrate into my daily practice. These are treasures that will be with me this whole life. Thank you, with my deepest respect.
Alan, Thailand
Thank you so much! I will never forget those 10 days as they stand for my second birth.
Irina, Romania
When I did the retreat in September 2011 I was completely lost, was unhappy and unsatisfied with my life and did not what to do next. After the retreat I was able to better organize my thoughts, to determine what are the really important things in life and I can say that I am very happy now. I had the possibility of getting the job I always wanted, something that I really enjoy doing and it also allows me to make other people happy. Thank you very much for this life changing experience! I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity you gave me to receive your teachings.
Lilliana, Argentina
Thank you very much for an amazing experience which has given me motivation for my life, something that was formerly missing.
Jackie, England
This was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life so far - and the best.
Jody, Canada
My retreats with you were indeed life changing and they influence my life and way of thinking until now.
Julia, Austria
I didn't know much before I came, but I do now. This has taught me a lot, thank you.
Toril, Norway
The meditation retreat has helped me to improve my listening, speaking and wise reflection skills. It has also added a gentleness and awareness to my personal life as well as clearly improved my abilities to do my job more effectively.
Jarowan, Thailand
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you both for your kindness, compassion and the many gifts, large and small, of Dhamma you have shared with me over the last six years. Reflecting about the person I was before the Dhamma and the person I am today with the Dhamma, I am more grateful than words can describe for having had opportunities to learn, practice and grow in the Dhamma under your wise, compassionate and lovingkind tutelage. Without your efforts, the Dhamma would likely have remained opaque and impenetrable to me, hidden behind my hindrances. Without the Dhamma, I am certain that I would not have risen to the challenge that my father's illness presented to him, to my family and to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you both for guiding me to become a better, more compassionate lovingkind person for my father, for my family, for so many others and also for me for I have benefitted the most.
David, USA
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